Tension at Customs; Over 200 Officers Sacked

Tension is mounting among senior Customs officers following what they describe as lopsidedness in the transfer regime at the revenue agency.

According to inside sources, senior officers are seething with anger over favoritism in the transfer of officers, with a warning that if management of the Ghana Revenue Agency (GRA) continues to ignore their concerns, government efforts at raking in more revenue may be derailed.

The Customs Division of the GRA appears to be at the receiving end of all the agencies under GRA, as officers are reportedly transferred without the input of their superior officers.

Fuming with rage, customs officers are blaming the GRA for their present predicament where officers who had juicy duty posts under the previous political administration are mostly maintained while those who suffered victimization continue to suffer even in the new administration, because they claim they don’t have money to oil the system.

They particularly singled out the Commissioner in-charge of Support Services at GRA, Fred Ansong, who they claim unilaterally does the transfers without recourse to his colleague Customs Commissioner – a development they assert is against the rules.

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