17-year old Ghanaian student Mathew Paa Kwesi Williams, of Morgan International Community School has won the ‘Award of Excellence’ at this year’s Sustainable Development Goal’s Student Photo Competition held in Tokyo, Japan.

He was awarded 20,000 Japanese Yen, which is approximately GHC 800, a Photo Book, a Camera and other items.

He won this award with his image”Struggle of Childhood”; a picture he took of a little girl sweeeping around a school while her friends were studying.

According to him, the little girl when asked why she wasn’t in school explained that her parent can not afford her school fees hence her only inspiration is to come near the school and sweep around it.

“Immediately, it occured to me that it represents what is going on in many rural settings in Ghana, where real poverty is kicking brilliant but poor children out of school,”he said.

He mentioned that after seeking permission from the little girl, he took a picture of her sweeping which he later entered the competition with to create awareness about what is happening to children who can not achieve their basic neccessities outside capital cities.

He further called on government to come out with actionable policies which will help get children in such situations out of the streets and keep them in the classroom.

Mathew Williams the youth to take every opportunity that came their way seriously and utilize it effectively for their own benefit and that of society at large.

Story By: Seth Nana Poku


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