Senior High Schools Likely To Close Over Infrastructural Problems

President of the Conference of Assisted Senior High Schools, Cecilia Kwakye Coffie has mentioned that Senior High Schools are likely to close soon as a result of unavailability of funds.
According to her, schools are in dire need of financial assistance which could lead to schools closing early if these needs are not met soon.
She mentioned that all efforts made to engage the Ghana Education Service has proven futile.
According to her the implementation of the free SHS policy has come with some challenges, such as insufficient infrastructural facilities as a result of the increase in enrollment of students.
She explained that only 20 percent of funds allocated to cater for expenses of schools under the policy have been released, with 80 percent outstanding and no definite payment schedule.
Mrs Cofie said besides this, other funds such as scholarship grants have also not been paid for three terms.
She explained further that heads of various schools have not complained about this issue, because of their fear of being tag as anti-party members.
Meanwhile, some heads of school are demanding a template for the implementation of the free SHS policy as they complain various components for which funds are to be utilized, have not been communicated well.
” I have 80,000 cedis in my school account from the free SHS, but as at now, I don’t know what to apply it on, whether it is to cover books, uniforms or any other thing, we need clear guidelines as to how the money should be applied.” one head teacher lamented.
According to her, the success of the policy will be dependent on how the various challenges are addressed with urgency.
Story By: Seth Nana Poku


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