Alhaji Grusah Threatens To Quit Football

Owner and bankroller of Kumasi King Faisal, Alhaji Grusah has threatened to quit football due to the lack of transparency.

According to the astute and vociferous football administrator, believes there are people in Ghana football that are frustrating his side.

“Several football gurus in the country have restricted themselves from football, yet they survived. I will not engage myself in football for them to do what they like because they don’t speak the truth” he said.

“I have contributed my quota to the game but I think it is time for me to leave the game because the football governing body in the country does not speak the truth”. Grusah emphasized.

When quizzed about his take on Division One Clubs paying GH¢30,000 as officiating fees if the FA does not get a headline sponsor for the Division One league next season, Alhaji Grusah claims the Division One League board Chairman Owoahene Acheampong said that because he does not own a club in the country.

“He could have met with us to decide on what to do following GN Banks decision not to sponsor the second tier in the upcoming season but he said that because he does not have a club.

“He always receives an allowance in every sitting with regards to the FA meetings, so he thinks we are fools to pay the said amount because we don’t know what money is meant for”. Grusah added.

He pointed that, if other division one clubs will be prepared to pay GH¢30,000 as officiating fee then his side King Faisal will decline to pay such amount.

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