Chairman of Livestock Dealers Association of Ghana, Mr John Kutu has expressed worry over the actions meted out to his members by the police .According to the chairman, they are prevented from crossing the border when importing sheep to the country, for refusing to pay money to the police which they termed as bribery and corruption.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to Amanie news at the central market, in Accra, the chairman says the actions of the police has made their businesses to drain, and has therefore threaten to take the matter to court if their concerns are not addressed.

’The problem is the police harassment when we are on the way coming, we have all the documents which the police are not to disturb us, but they don’t care about the document, they always look at the money they are demanding for, sometimes they stop the cars and if the documents are given to them, they decide to charge 40 to 50 GH Cedis and we have no option than to pay them” he said.

‘’We are trying to see IGP, we went there to explain things to him that, what is happening is not good for the country and we were told we cannot see the IGP, We tried our best but we couldn’t see him, so we had to see Lawyer Atuguba and he told us to write a petition to the IGP to let him know that what his colleagues are doing is not right” he stated.

However one of the sellers AWAL IBRAHIM expressed how the police harass them when they get to borders of the country, and has therefore appealled to the government to intervene.  


Story by: Hawa Lebsi


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