Joyce Blessing Can Perform Songs of Other Collegues-Willie Roi

Willie Roi, Artiste Development Manager of Zylofon media, has asked Ghanaian Gospel artistes to go out of their comfort zones and perform on bigger stages.

According  to him, musicians are born to evangelize to the world and not a select few who already know Christ.

He indicated that as an artiste and a gospel musician, Joyce Blessing is expected to do more to win the souls for God rather than sit in the Church.

Willie Roi said Joyce Blessings has always performed secular inspirational songs since she started singing.

He also mentioned that it is approved internationally for an artiste to perform songs of their colleagues.

“Joyce Blessings used to perform secular inspirational songs even before she joined Zylofon media. It’s just because she is signed onto Zylofon that is why people have problems with her. If you don’t know you should ask and learn. Internationally it is accepted to perform songs of other people and there is nothing wrong with that”.

Willie Roi indicated that she Joyce Blessing is a business person and as such is expected to do more to satisfy her employers and her fans.

He therefore called on Ghanaians to educate themselves rather than act ignorantly about the whole issue.


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