A group calling itself Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) has condemn the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government for holding a thanksgiving service on a working day.

According to the group, the entire civil service of the country was left unproductive as members of government who are mainly supporters of the NPP party thronged to a thanksgiving service organised by the party.

’ When you go to the ministries, most of the ministers were brought to a standstill, either the deputy minister or the minister out of the office and other top officials out of their offices  with absolutely no one to provide service because they all have to attend thanksgiving service by the NPP’’  he said.

‘’ If you go to parliament, about 80% of the majority Mp’s were absent from parliament from the morning when the business of the house began because they have to attend a thanksgiving service by the New Patriotic Party which actually put the business of the house in jeopardy’’  he stated.

Not just that, if you go the other District Assemblies,  the MMDA’S, the District Assemblies chief executives of the assemblies and top officials of the assemblies were also out of the house just to attend the New Patriotic Party thanksgiving service’’ he added.

  Speaking to AMANIE NEWS, the executive secretary of the group Thompson Mensah thinks the thanksgiving should have been held on weekend and not working day. He says the government should sit up and fix the challenges Ghanaians are facing.

‘’ The thanksgiving service should be on weekend rather than a working day, the NPP government should focus on what they said during the campaign season by fixing the challenges Ghanaians are facing’’ he said.


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