A leading member of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Nana Ofori  Owusu has called on the chairperson of Electoral Commission (EC) Charlotte Osei  to step aside.

According to him, the PPP party was disqualified during the 2016 election. He says it was unfair to the party and for that matter they will petition sanctions because they have evidence to prove it.

‘‘The electoral commission works with political parties and they are the referee, now we want to join the petitioners and give further evidence to the unprofessional way in which the EC has conducted herself and we are saying that we want to join and give further and proper evidence to the party, because you remember October 12 2016, the Electoral commission in office acted against the constitution, and they themselves became investigators, prosecutors and adjudicators all in one, they went to trump that kangaroo side against the PPP and they themselves sat in their rooms and rendered us without going to the court of adjudication. The high court  tried the Progressive Peoples Party and said that they acted capriciously, having that they took the case to the supreme court and the supreme court also verified what the high court has said and we are saying that we are victims of the referee’’ he stated.


Speaking to Amanie news, he believes the EC should step aside including her deputies for investigations.

 ‘’We believe that, we have the expert that the electoral commission is a very biased organization, it is not acting professionally and people all around the world are saying that how come the GDP will perform one point something per cent’’ he said. How can we not perform one point something per cent when somebody tackles in the ten yard box to spend one month in court at the height of a political sitting October 12th to November. How can we compete whiles they are the reason why we couldn’t perform so well. They are even accusing each other of procurement malpractice and some are looting an amount of six million cedi into their personal account and we are saying that if the chief justice of the supreme court of the republic of Ghana has seen that there is such a larger case for them to sit on and look further into it, it is supposed that, the three people should step aside and allow the process to go on’’ he stated.

He is therefore confident of accepting any outcome from the court.

‘‘I will accept it because we are in democracy and  the court is the final and so when the court renders their decision, We might not agree with it but we must accept it, so in terms of acceptance, we will accept any outcome because we believe in the court’’ he noted.


Story by: Hawa Lebsi

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