We have a bad reputation  because of our elders- Nii Legon Awor assets.

Ghanaian versatile hip-life artist Abdul-Rashid Tagoe by birth and porpularly known as Nii Legon Awor has made a shocking expository on why some women negatively turn on a new leave after being married in the Ga communities.

According to the dancer and  versatile hip-life artist who was speaking exclusively to amaniefm.com ,revealed that some women in our various communities have this attitude of expressing disrespect towards their mother-in-laws after being married and further pin pointed the female natives of the Ga communities particularly being fond of this deviant behaviour.

Also founder and head of the AWOR family further reiterated that,this bad attitude expressed by some female natives of the Ga society is as a result of two main factors which he stated as a misconception that leads to fraudulence in trust and lack of discipline from some female spouses.

Nii Legon conjoined his claims with an explanatory anecdotes pertaining to the two main factors enlisted by him,saying, most often mothers are scared of leaving their sons to the total care of their spouse because of the misconceptions surrounding the attitude of some female natives of the Ga communities which forces the mother-in-laws to have the perception of never trusting the  spouse,despite the trust the spouse has in the mother-in-law.

Awor moreover explained that,  despite the fraudulence in trust from some mother-in-laws,some women are very disrespectful in nature and are ever ready to lambaste their mother-in-laws for the least mistake committed.

The loyalty over sellout slogan boss however entreated that, “the elders in the various Ga communities have paid deaf ears to such happenings and has eventually become the norm of the day which is massively tarnishing the image and reputation of the GA society”. He opined.

Report by Seth Nana Poku

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