car crash at Teacher Mante claimed nine lives

The latest car crash at Teacher Mante claimed nine lives

The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) is assisting the police to investigate the causes of the increased number of accidents on the stretch of road along Teacher-Mante, a town located near Nsawam in the Eastern Region.

Last Thursday, nine persons, including a one-year-old child died while 20 others were injured after a VIP bus heading towards Accra collided with a cargo truck.

In December 2017, another accident on that stretch also resulted in the death of four people.

The Executive Director of the National Road Safety Commission, May Obiri-Yeboah explained to Citi News that sensitisation will be key to reducing the spate of crashes.

She also urged all road users “to be cautious especially when you are approaching or leaving the town.”

“We will have to continue the education with operators and drivers especially on good flat roads, the statistics show clearly that accidents normally will happen on straight roads and a lot of it is attributed to speeding… With the speeding issue, which is something we have been doing, we will continue the campaign on. I am sure that if we do that, it will help,” Mrs. Obiri-Yeboah said.

In the case of the most recent accident near Teacher Mante, the Kraboa-Coaltar District Police Commander, DSP Charles Ahiamale said he could not immediately explain how the accident occurred.

He, however, indicated the road on which these accidents have happened was in good condition.

“You cannot see anything, there is no pothole [on the road], there is no meandering of the road here, the road is very straight the road is smooth, and so you cannot see why there is always an accident on this particular lane,” he said.

Source: Citifmonline

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