C’ttee condemns ‘political interference’ in Akuapem chieftaincy impasse

The seven-member committee mediating the Akropong chieftaincy impasse has condemned the raid and subsequent takeover of the Okuapeman Palace by National security operatives last week.

About 30 armed men from the National Security headquarters in Accra stormed the Okuapemhene’s Palace, and forced all occupants of the building out, following reports of a possible chieftaincy clash over the imminent installation of two chiefs in the area.

Addressing a news conference, the Chairman of the Committee, Otuobour Gyan Kwasi II, Aburihene and Adontenghene of Akuapem Traditional Council, expressed their disappointment with some politicians whom they claim have interests in the ongoing traditional unrest at Akropong.

“We have been made aware that some kingmakers and other prominent chiefs have been giving false information to our revered national security apparatus and in our view, this issue is being politicized. So we beg of all politicians who one way or the other have interest in our chieftaincy issues to advise themselves and stay away.”

Committee on top of issues

Otoobour Djan Kwasi II noted that, the initial meetings between the Okuapehema, Nana Afua Nketia Obuo II, the Asonahene, Nana Kwasi Omenako II, the other kingmakers and the seven-member committee have been fruitful.

He added that the Committee has been trying to ascertain the extent to which various individuals were involved in the placing of two separate royals of the same Sakyibea royal family into confinement, ahead of their installation as the next Okuapehene.

The Committee urged both parties to comply with the directive to desist from outdooring their chosen candidates for the stool.

“The Committee found it necessary to write to all parties to desist from outdooring their individual chosen candidates although the period of confinement had elapsed, until the Committee had presented their final report. Subsequently, contrary to our caution, there have been several publications in print and social media by various groups without recourse or in consultation with this mandated seven-member committee. This turn of events is no doubt jeopardizing the work of the committee”.

Commitment to peace

The seven-member Committee assured Ghanaians that it will work tirelessly to resolve all the disputes surrounding the installation of a new Chief for Okuapeman.

“All these above-mentioned issues have contributed significantly to our final decision to step back for the traditional council to take a second look at how best they can resolve this hydra-headed situation. It is in this vein that we the members of this seven-member committee assigned to help resolve the Okuapeman chieftaincy dispute have unanimously decided to step aside to allow the necessary steps to be taken to resolve this rather hydra-headed situation.”


The Chief of the area, Oseadeyo Nana Addo Dankwah III, died over two years ago, but his death led to controversy over the eligibility of the candidates vying for the stool.

The controversy prevented the people of Akropong from hosting the 2017 Odwira Durbar.

Committee formed

The Akuapem Traditional Council in December 2017, however set up a seven-member Committee to resolve the impasse that has plagued the enstoolment of a new Okuapehene.

The Committee, made up of chiefs from various towns at Akuapem, was inaugurated during a meeting of the Akuapem Traditional Council at the Okuapehene’s Palace at Akropong in the Easter Region.

To maintain its neutrality, none of the members of the committee were picked from the Asona Royal Family, which is the family that selects the Okuapehene of Akropong, the seat of the traditional council.

It is chaired by the Aburihene and Adontenhene of Akuapem, Otoubour Djan Kwasi II.

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