GHANAIAN actress, Yvonne Nelson has fielded questions from BBC Africa’s audience, at her home in Ghana, where one of the reporters paid her a visit.

The actress, who has been repeatedly criticised for bearing a child out of wedlock, revealed that she has always been a positive person who did not let all the negativity and bad talk get to her during and after her pregnancy.

“I was staying positive; I had loved ones around me. Plus I had this beautiful blessing in my arms. It was all joy for me; I was not listening to all the negativity outside. It didn’t really affect me,” she stated.

The journey of her pregnancy can be described as a not-too-rosy experience especially with criticisms from fans and some concerned citizens who believed that such should not have come forth from her as a celebrity and also role model to youths.

Source: Thenationonlineng.net


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