Patapaa’s trophy less night was a ‘Total-Cheat’ – Varlarsh Arthur

Fast up raising dance-hall artist Theophilus Arthur by birth and popularly known in the Showbiz industry as Verlarsh has finally aired his voice on the just ended 2018 VGMAs as he describes Patapaa’s trophy less night to be a night of ‘total-cheat’ as he was he was asked to give his opinion on the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards at the Accra International Conference center.

According to the C.E.O and boss of the Verlar-Nation, the VGMAs has always lacked credibility in its award schemes  and Patapaa just happens to fall a victim of it which to him it is a prove of lack of proper structures in the music industry for measuring the art word of an artiste in Ghana. He said this in an exclusive interview with .

The ‘My Baby’ hitmaker further added that it was obvious Patapaa’s ‘One Conner’ was making waves on all media platforms including both Tv and Radio which even broke through the borders of Ghana and miraculously reached the international front of the world music market as compared to Fancy’s ‘Total- Cheat’.

However, Verlarsh further stated “Patapaa is a creative artiste and i believe he can produce a new banger that would go Virol at his “One Conner” song” he opined.

Moreover the revolutionist of Ghana Dance-hall Verlarsh  argued the fan-base of any up raising star to be hyper supportive especially when it comes to award schemes and took the opportunity to encourage his fam and fan-base to be supportive and keep pushing and promoting ‘Verlarsh Musik’ and further added that he is working o

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