Vybrant Faya death mystry revealed by killer

Vybrant FayaFinally the mystery surrounding the death of Emmanuel Kojo Quayson known in the showbiz industry as Vybrant Faya who died in a car accident on the Tema Motorway has been revealed by the motorist Emmanuel Asiedu who allegedly was reported to be the contracted killer.

According to the motorist Emmanuel Aseidu who was also a victim of the accident, he was ridding his motor at a top speed of 180 from Aveno after withdrawing money and headed towards the Accra Shopping Mall. Mr. Asiedu further hinted that, on his adventure there was suddenly an image heading towards him which he explained to be a ‘Blue-Banner’ floating in the air by itself and added that the ‘Blue-Banner’ suddenly blurred his sight from seeing clearly which eventually led to the caused of the accident which claimed the live of the Dance-hall artiste Vybrant Faya but recounted that there was no one crossing the road or even making an attempt to do so.

Mr. Asiedu who was involved in the accident recounted that he gained his consciousness at the 37 Military hospital and upon waking up he requested to know what led to his seven days hospitalization and what was going on at that moment and to surprise the response the nurse gave was very rude and conjoined with a statement that he has knocked down an artiste with his motor which has led to a lost of life. He further recounted that the nurses took his phone  to check the number he last contacted before the incident and lucky for him it was his sectary who knew his family and extended the call to the nearest relatives available at that time.

The motorist  further expressed his grievances by stating that, after hearing the victim involved was Vybrant Faya he wept cause he was a great fan of the Dance-hall artiste and immediately decided to take part of the cost of all expenses to be made for a befitting burial of the lost soul and wished not to mention the benevolence he rendered to the mourning family.

Moreover, he hinted that there was a witness there when the whole incident took place at the scene and added that his helmet is still with the said person who he didn’t disclose for security reasons and also expressed his discomfort pertaining to what damages the accident has caused to his health and business as a whole.

Mr. Asiedu who is also a wedder lamented on the current state of his living and pleaded to all Ghanaian s to forgive him for his carelessness and however requested for the help of all to support him in his quest of being a road safety campaigner to educate individuals on road safety measures.


The statement reads:

Management of SMF received heartbreaking news of the death of dancehall musician and award winning entertainer Emmanuel Kojo Quayeson known by his stage name as Vybrant faya at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra after being involved in motor accident on the Tema motorway, on Sunday 23rd October 2016.

Reporter: Seth Nana Poku

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