Some police men at Keneshie rebrand bribe taking into ‘ Pocket Money ‘

The Ghana Police service is a law enforcement agency and a defence unit with responsibilities of assuring the rightful things to be done in society but on the contrary, the current recruited police service personnel’s have been tag as the most corrupted security agency hence the bad attitude expressed by some police men at Keneshi towards trotro divers.

According to some trotro drivers at Keneshie, the police men deployed to check easily flow of car to prevent a pecked traffic from happening are making the work of drivers unbearable.

During an exclusive interaction with the concerned drivers who this unlawful act were meted out to, they explained that the police intentionally asks unnecessary questions and even tells them to park their cars and request for Gh¢10 to ¢20 as a maintenance fee and failure to do so will only call for much more increase in charges and may even result in being arrested.

They further reiterated saying, the police have developed a habit of duping them at the least opportunity they get and have rebranded the bribe taking into ‘ Pocket money’ for the boys.

Ultimately, the drivers conjoined with a statement that ” It is better to pay the required amount given than arriving at the Police station hence the top officers are much more corrupt than the lower ranked officers who led the arrest

Story by : Sika Theodora

Chief Editor : Seth Nana Poku


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