I know we have capable leadership who always ensure the right things – Mr. Kyeremeh Dennis

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) in Jaman south and north municipal (Jaman south – north) in the Brong -Ahafo region has been locked up due to alleged corruption on the secretary Mr. Joseph Crinston Kwesi.

The aggrieved GNAT executives and the entire teachers population have sent a request to the region that, they can not work with the secretary Mr. Joseph.

They have accused him of withdrawing retired teachers mutual fund benefit through checks of their own. Jaman GNAT have disclosed to the media that, he behaved in the same manner of act in his former station and that is why he was transferred to that place.

Mr. Kyeremeh Dennis is one of the aggrieved executive, and he has being speaking to Amanie news.

“We have had complaints from various teachers that, loans of which they access through the GNAT secretary office have not been paid to them, yet they are seeing dedations from their pay list indicating they have taken loans from the GNAT mutual fund, similar teachers who also went into retirement and when due from some benefit, complained of their benefit which they have not receivnumbers  it was the teachers who went further to the national teachers fund headquarters and we were able to come with a check numbers and the date of which their checks were sent to the district, so it was based on this we confronted our secretary and indeed he was proved guilty to this allegations and it will be shocking and surprising that our secretary has indeed paid back some of the moneis to those who were due. He has refunded the money to some of those who made the allegations.

He stressed that, the authority are very much aware and the matter has been channeled to the regional and national levels,buy the decision to close the office as it stands now, was done in the interest of our secretary. This is because after the report has gone viral ,teachers who are similarly involved in this fraudulent act also started telling us with their new complaints and some were aggrieved to the point of taking the law into their own hands. It was out of these decisions that the council had an emergency meeting and decided to close the office for now. Hence the safety and life of our dear secretary can not be guaranteed looking at how aggrieved thses teachers are.” He hinted.

Moreover, he was therefore confident that, their concerns will be addressed, saying ” Yes I know very well that our concerns will be addressed because the GNAT as a body we all know is the biggest teacher’s Union, the first of its kind and I can not doubt their confidence, I know we have capable leadership who always ensure the right things for our association.

Source: Hawa Lebsi/amaniefm.com

Chief Editor: Seth Nana Poku

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