NDC David Walter calls for the sack of Michael Nyaunu from the party

The National Democratic Congress constituency chairman Hon. David Hormenu Walter has called on the National Democratic Congress national executive committee to, as a matter of agency sack former MP for Lower Manye Krobo constituency Hon. Michael Teye Nyaunu from the party.

According to him, “the former MP has created confusion and division in the party ,hence his removal. He has being speaking to Amanie News.
According to Mr. Walter, Hon Michael Nyaunu former MP, since he lost the primaries in 2016, he has ensured that he will make this constituency indomitable and very divided in terms of the National Democratic Congress.

He has gone for independence, trying to ensure that we leave the seat, that didn’t happen, we reached the city and we brought in Homowo because we want unity. He was on board ,he came in awhile for the campaign things and couldn’t follow it again. Just after the elections, after the knot, this gentleman started going round branch by branch, organizing branch executives without records to the executives and when he goes to the branches, he did several cover comments and that start with rations sort, the political executives and city MP, he did all sort of lies ,now it is the turn of our constituency election again in the country and Lower Manye is no exception and when he is doing that he goes round organizing branch executives and tell them that he should sack all constituency executives, especially those who are not who will rather promote.

He is not contesting constituency election neither is he a city MP, so why should he go round organizing constituency branch executives and then say all manner of things to the hearing of branch executives. It is about time we brought in order, because his behaviour is becoming unbecoming and if we leave him that way, the ministry and the unity and peace we need in this constituency to set vote for the NDC in 2020 will not materialized, and as such we are calling on national executives to take an action. Yesterday branch executives met and they started and they said that he stops what he is doing or he should leave the party, he should excuse us after all in 2012 we want independent.” He opined.

He has therefore threatened to petition the NDC national executives committee later this week to address his concern.

But responding to Mr. Walter before, MP Michael Teye Nyaunu denied the claims saying, he has not in anyway created confusion and division in the party. Speaking to Amanie News, he says, Mr Walter has no mandate to call for his sack.

“I don’t know the sort of confusion I have created because as far as I am concerned, am not doing anything in the constituency and i don’t think he has the mandate to call for my sack, but he has the courage that must be respected and must work, i don’t know what’s going on. Earlier on, he did the same thing, he wasn’t calling but he actually wrote a letter saying, I have been sacked from the party, but the national executives clam down, so he has not got that authority or mandate and he acted beyond his powers.

One Tuesday Walter said I should be sacked, but when I was in the party from PVC era before it metamorphosed the political party, he was educative ,he was an in fact, I wonder what contribution he has made for the party before he started calling for the sack of other people from the party.

Reporter: We want to know if you will contest with him ?

I am not ,they are going for their constituency conference and they are going to elect new constituency executives and that is his apprehension. I must tell you it is his own vice chairman who is contesting him because of his inefficiency and effectiveness, the vice chairman is contesting him for the chairman spot, and that brought the anxiety about the whole thing. I am not contesting for any position, not at all am not.

Reporter: Do you think Mr Walter is crying over nothing?

Sure, I think he is crying over his own Shadow, his shadow is chasing him, because if he is not worried, he will never get a problem when someone wants to contest with you, but when you have not been able to prove yourself capable of the leadership mandate that has been bestowed upon you, then you begin this apprehension and that’s it, so he is crying over his own shadow. ” Michael Nyaunu opined.

He further advised Mr. Walter to focus on his campaign to retain his seat.

” That’s the one third of the number so I don’t know what it is actually about. He is just a baby and he now looks at the level six , “he will always crush his snail like a baby and not the tortoise. If he attempts to crush his tortoise, is like crushing your fingers and that is what is happening to him. I am sorry.” He added.

Reporter: So what advice would you give to Mr. Walter?

I will say he should rather be focused on his campaign and retain his seat and not to think about me because, what he is doing is distracting his attention ” He hinted.

Reporter: But are the New Patriotic Party aware of your appeal?

“They are not fully aware because they have not been petitioned on, but personalities with the national executive committee are aware of his activities because, it is been reported to them individually . Now the next action the party executives are taking is that, the out going dignitaries are writing to petition the national executives to take immediate action because, if no action is taken against him. I don’t think this party would survive the next elections in this constituency because he is doing everything for him to lose the team”.

Reporter: But when do you intend to petition?

” By the close of this week the petition must go, because as I speak to now, there are some men on the ground guarding the dignitaries who will sign the petition to be forwarded to national and I believe by the close of this week,  national executives should have the petition. In fact, if you come to Manhia you would feel very appord about the development here, which is not autterly a want for the party. He must go period. ” Mr. David Walker exclaime


Source : Hawa Lebsi/amaniefm.Com

Chief Editor: Seth Nana Poku

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