Showbiz is not just about show – Coby Seed reveals

The Ghana Gospel industry has undoubtedly produced many Gospel musicians who in their own way have impacted many people from all walks of life not exempting thier main root, the Christiandom.

As a matter of fact, Coby Seed, an up rising Gospel art has proven to be one of the few strong Gospel singers who intend to inspire the world with his style of music.

According to the spirit filled song writer and singer, though the industry is often referred to be a showbiz industry, he has chosen the business aspects of the industry.

In his submission, he explained that most Gospel artistes draw their focus on the ‘Show’ part of their career and usually end up becoming a nonentities in the Gospel fraternity.

He further hinted, saying “The show is good but the business is better and taking into consideration, a show must come with a plan and the said plan also comes with money, and where do you get the money from? Same showbiz”. He opined.

He also added that, music which is the language of the soul can better be understood when it carries a moral lesson which teaches the youth the way to live life without going through unnecessary means, just to get yourself killed at the end which probably you may not enjoy your share of quarter gained.

Moreover, the ‘Finally Finally hit maker further reiterated saying ,the current crop of artistes in the Gospel fraternity are trying their best but some are also making their work a meaningless course with their dubious behaviors which is grually crumbling the good reputation of Gospel artistes and the Christiandom.

However, Coby Seed took the opportunity to inform all music lovers and especially his fan base to keep supporting his music and the brand as a whole.


Source: Original SNP


Chief Editor: Seth Nana Poku

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