90% Ghanaians will miss heaven – PROPHET JORDAN OSEI BONSU

The Founder And Leader Of Light Land Power Ministry in the Greater Accra Region has made his survey that about 90% Ghanaians are not going to Heaven because of *Dirt*.

According to him, people who don’t have *personal hygiene, sanity is not your concern. You dump refuse at any point, Open defecation has become your habit, you dump refuse into the water bodies, cleaning your house is even a major problem and you expect to be in heaven? No way!* he said.
Prophet Jordan Osei Bonsu said people with such behaviour will find it difficult to be in heaven if they don’t repent.

Forget about going to churchman if you are not *clean or Neat*, Forget about giving your life to Christ if you are not *clean or neat* cleanliness is next to Godliness. Don’t think of Heaven if you don’t do this.

Prophet Jordan Osei Bonsu again admonished fellow ministers of God to add sanitation to their daily Sermons. Sanitation should be preached in the church, add it to your Sermon, let your members understand the concepts of sanitation, Prophet Jordan added.
The Angels of God will never visit you when are not clean. They won’t come near you if you dirty.

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Source: Bridgette OPPONG


Chief Editor: Seth Nana Poku

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